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Camaraderie in Water, Szechenyi Thermal Baths, Budapest

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

A living testament to camaraderie brought by water.

Budapest is literally a teeming melting pot, as in geologic scales, and as in the worlds cultures. For ages, the geothermal waters rise to provide a weary civilization and nation respite and assurance.

Various mineral elements and cultural elements enrich the thermal spring waters and the "gyongyfurdo" throughout its long history.

Szechenyi is one of Budapest's jewel of a bath and spa. Its complex of pools and treatment centers enveloped in Baroque architecture is a treat for time travel. Around Szechenyi is a true "Hungaricum" historical restaurant called "Gundel's".

S.P.A. Aqua Prima will soon organize tours and retreats to the great thermal spas and baths of Hungary. Stay tuned!


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