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Giant Clams Conservation, Philippines

Tridacna Gigas has literally cemented Philippine history. These giant clams have been used to build churches and beautiful stone architecture and infrastructure across the islands of the Philippines. Similar to many varieties of bivalves in our oceans, the Giant Clams are under threat.

However, the giant clam's evolutionary relationship/s with algae and other bacteria is a testament to the power of cooperation and collaboration.

There are efforts to farm and grow these majestic molluscs of the seas in many countries around the world. And the S.P.A. Aqua Prima is committed to contribute to marine conservation programs and research in the Philippines and elsewhere.

Because our health as human species depend on the health of the Seas.

The Marine Science Institute of the University of the Philippines runs an on-site Giant Clam laboratory and nursery in Bolinao, Pangasinan. And we hope to support this program for the long term. And we hope that many others will too.

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