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Herewith, in the first issue of "SANITAS per AQUAM", is a  compilation of various insights from peer-reviewed scientific publications on Aquatic Therapies:


a) The Chapter for the general audience starts at Page 1

b) The Chapter for clinicians and other health professionals begins at Page 33

There has been a number of clinical studies on the rehabilitative and therapeutic effects of manual therapies in water.  And most of these effects are promising, across various acute and chronic symptoms of pathologies and injuries: from Rotator Cuff post-surgery to Parkinsonism to Multiple Sclerosis to Dementia...


The part on the "Principles of Water and Hydrotherapy", is a short summary of the properties of water that allows for such immense and unique physiological effects on Patients' neuromuscular conditions, even with just simple water immersion.

In this publication, I have referenced the seminal work of Dr. Bruce Becker M.D. and Dr. Andrew Cole M.D. (editors) entitled, "Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy", 2010, 3rd ed. *** Cover Images are part of Diane Goldade's Art

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Relaxation techniques
Myofascial Release treatments
Joint Mobilization and Play Techniques
Deep tissue + Fiber stripping + Cross Fiber rehabilitation techniques
Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretches
Hot stone (heat + cold) treatments
Herbal compresses
Lymphatic drainage
Yoga inspired flexibility and meditative exercises
Basic Watsu™ (water + shiatsu)
Water Release Therapy™
Your session includes the use of the steam shower.​
*We can directly bill your insurance provider*

Piriformis Syndrome

Can present as sciatic pain that runs through lateral & posterior part of leg.  Pain can be relieved by targeted muscle and fascial release techniques and soothing massages and stretch routines. 

Home care, postural awareness, and stretching exercises can help treat symptoms.

Recommended Tx:  Sacro-iliac joint assessment + muscle release + aquatic rehabilitation sessions

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Stress & Neck pain: Posterior scalene strain

Neck strain, soreness and pain can be caused by trauma, or bad sleeping position, and/or chronic stress.

Careful and effective treatments for neck muscle conditions include stretching and cross fiber frictions with moist heat.


Aquatic bodywork and massages in water can help in releasing shortened muscles due to hypertonicity and/ or chronic stress.  A quiet and supportive experience in water can facilitate parasympathetic response and relieve tensions in neck muscles. 

Flowing movements and controlled inversions can help with lymphatic and blood circulation.

Male Model

Pre Natal Massage in Water

It is such a magical and truly transformative experience in life.  Pregnancy and motherhood are incredible rites of passages for women around the world.  Supportive and deeply present massage therapies offer care and comfort to pregnant women at this significant time in life.

Recommended Tx: Relaxation massage techniques + aquatic body work + pre-natal yoga exercises  

Pregnancy Photoshoot

Shortened Adductors: No fun

Possibly one of the most neglected muscle groups in the body, the adductors are typically shortened and hypertonic.  As such, they are prone to strain injuries especially if not conditioned enough prior to sports or stretching activities.  Regular stretching regimen and massages can keep these "intimate" muscles pliant, strong, and lengthy.  

Recommended Tx: Aquatic bodywork + yoga (Vinyasa + Hatha)  

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Grieving Loss...

Pain is not just neuromuscular sensation, but also a very emotional one.  Massage is a reassuring and supportive therapy for patients who are undergoing transitions in life.   Aquatic bodywork allows for meditative time and transcendent experience in the water that can help in healing, centering, and restoring...

Recommended Tx: Aquatic bodywork + mind & body session + counselling

Mature Couple Showing Affection

Stress & Shoulder Pain:

Hypertonic Upper Trapezius & Levator Scapulae

The trapezius muscle attaches to several points on the mid + upper back + acromion + occiput areas.  The upper fibers are typically hypertonic in many people under chronic stress.  Heat treatments can help alleviate the pain and discomfort around the upper trapezius. 

Myofascial techniques and deep tissue work can alleviate hypertonicity of Lev Scap & Upper Trapz.  In water, these techniques are done in safest and effective way.

Recommended Tx: heat compresses + Deep Tissue massage + relaxing aquatic body work + yoga and meditation

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Psoas Release

This deep but powerful muscle in our core region can be shortened and hypertonic due to posture (and vice versa).  "Kneeling warrior" pose or lunges are active ways of stretching and ""opening" up the psoas.  There are other postures and restorative positions that targets the psoas and iliacus muscles e.g. Modified Thomas test position.

In water, the psoas can easily stretched through flowing manual techniques.

Adaptively shortened psoas can contribute to Sacro-iliac joint dysfunctions and syndromes.

Recommended Tx: SI joint Orthopaedic assessment + Deep Tissue massage + aquatic bodywork stretching + yoga

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Hamstring stretch

With humans sitting most of their lives away, the hamstrings have become the "sacrificial" tissue that is almost tight and shortened in most people.  Hypertonic and adaptively shortened hamstrings can potentially contribute to and or aggravate sacro-iliac joint dysfuntions and instabilities.

Recommended Tx: Relaxation massage + propioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching + flowing aquatic bodywork session + daily yoga 

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