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S.P.A.  Aqua Prima is a water+scape of wellness.

Nestled in the quiet suburbs of Southwest Calgary, our first space and studio is at Southland & Elbow Drive.  We dedicate our home to our journeys of healing in and with water...


Here, we introduce and enrich our Massage Therapy Clinic's repertoire to include two modalities in hydrotherapy and aquatic bodywork i.e.


Watsu (Water + Shiatsu created by Harold Dull) and


Water Release Therapy (assisted yoga in water created by Diane Feingold).

More importantly, here we (re)introduce water as a nurturing and connective place for profound relaxation, restoration, strengthening, and healing, and as perhaps, how you have always known it from before you were even born...

Water is a supportive and expansive world where we can be fluid ourselves --- to be the very essence of flow.  

In this soft yet robust universe, we can find lightness, unprecedented levels of relaxation, release, connections, and perhaps, a sense of freedom and connection to the broader world...

Masaru Emoto wrote when published the first pictures of frozen water crystals,

"The messages from water are telling us to look inside ourselves."

Because in the words of Loren Eiseley, anthropologist, philosopher, and natural science writer:

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water."

Because. we. are. water.

I hope to meet you in the waters very soon.


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