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S K I N   +  C A R E +  A D V O C A C Y


The human skin is the largest human organ. It has multiple layers and sublayers i.e "stratum" / "strata"


And it's a frontier!

With evolved biochemical, immunological, and neuromuscular mechanisms for healing, the skin has an intelligence system that you must advocate for.


And we want to start with skin toning.

Please read our Monograph on

The Skin and its pH 


S.P.A. Aq1  Beauty & Wellness Regimens
from Deep Within

At the S.P.A., we believe that Beauty, ultimately and effortlessly, emanates from a deep sense of health, whole+ness, and connection...  

We hope you discover your true beautiful Self & Being.

Because, YES.

"The skin is a social organ"
--- Professor David Linden, Author of "Touch: The Science of Hand, Heart, and Mind" 

S.P.A. Aq1  Beauty & Wellness

regimen III.

Tropical Leaves
The Anna Lanuza
120 minute Signature Ritual
Aquatic Body work + Steam + Body Scrub + Body Tone & Mask + Tea
$ 300/session
Make Up Artistry & Study
90 minute session

Neck and Face Massage + Make Up session with our featured or your own make up artist & tutor
Who is Anna Lanuza?
Anna Vidal y Lanuza is Trina's maternal great grand mother known in the family for her two (2) hour long bathing ritual that includes conscientious body care and creation of fresh plant based shampoo and bathing concoctions from her garden.
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