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Trina's  Journey so far...

Geography cum laude, University of the Philippines, Diliman

Environmental Engineering & Sustainable Infrastructure, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

Business Management exchange scholar, Kansai University of International Studies, Kobe, Japan

Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy, Makami College, Calgary, Canada

Basic Watsu + Provider L1, Water Release Therapy, Santa Barbara, California, USA

Yoga Teacher, Sivananda Ashram and Retreat Centre, Bahamas

K-Taping PRO Certified, Worldwide

Instructor, Royal Life Saving Society

Certified Pool Operator, NSPF

Skipper, Canadian Yachting Association

Continuing Education:
Fundamentals Physiology and Immunology, HMX Harvard Medical School Online

Trauma Care and Post Traumatic Growth, National Institute on the C
linical Application of Behavioral Medicine

University Groningen/ Aegean University/ University of Iceland/ Universidad Gran Canarias: Islands Sustainability Lab Summer School (ISLAS), Lesvos, Greece

Member: CRMTA + Design + The Urban Land Institute + Aquatic Rehabilitation Therapy Institute 

"When I am fluid"

I love being in, on, and under water.
Naturally, I studied Geography and Environmental Engineering to help address issues of water pollution and sustainability.
But in 2008, an ovarian cyst made me realize that there is work to be done not just on the external environment, but also in the internal one...
But is there really an inside or outside?

I eventually found Yoga, Water Release Therapy, and Clinical Massage therapy
and rediscovered a relationship with water beyond the academic realm...

Water reflects my own desires to heal and be healed.  And it expands and enriches my clinical massage practice and vision of Communities of Care through S.P.A. Aqua Prima.

Trina Go Listanco, MSc. RMT
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