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Relaxation techniques 
are manual techniques such as "Effleurage" or "Swedish traditional" that facilitate soothing signals that activate the parasympathetic (autonomic) responses; and facilitate restorative and reparative processes critical for our mental and physical health and well being.

are Active Range-of-Motion or Resisted Range-of-Motion type of specific exercises used to activate/ stimulate/ (re)train/ condition/ elongate target muscles or joints or groups of structures.

Myofascial treatments
target the myofascia (a network of non-contractile connective tissues that wrap around neuromuscular structures) through superficial compressions and torsion techniques and/or lifting as in "myofascial cupping"

Lymphatic drainage
is a manual technique meant to assist the movement of lymphatic fluids into secondary lymphoid organs which can also directly impact venous flows; and can help reduce local inflammation (edema)

Joint Mobilization and Play Techniques
are manual assisted techniques of moving specific joints which can stimulate the production of synovial fluids and improve pain-free range-of-motion

Deep tissue (muscle + tendon) rehabilitation techniques
such as a) muscle fiber stripping b) Golgi-Tendon-Organ work c) cross-fiber friction
are meant to stimulate muscle relaxation and/or control inflammation and assist in tissue repair and scar tissue remodeling while working directly on muscle and tendinous structures

Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretches
are active and manual resisted techniques that uses the relaxation reflexes of muscles to elicit a contraction and/or release of targeted agonist and antagonist muscle pairs

Yoga inspired flexibility and meditative exercises
are mindfulness tools that are used to develop body awareness / postural self correction / neurological connection / parasympathetic relaxation responses

Basic Watsu™ (water + shiatsu)
is the foundation of the Watsu aquatic bodywork modality in which patients are floated and introduced to a series of passive range-of-motion techniques on different joints i.e. spine, to elicit deep relaxation states and increased passive range-of-motion

Water Release Therapy™
is a Yoga inspired aquatic bodywork technique that introduces floating patients to a series of passive-range-of motion movements and "postures" to release neuromuscular "tightness" that are sometimes associated with psycho-emotional sensations

Hot stone (heat + cold) treatments / Herbal compresses
are traditional approaches to massage that uses combinations of heat and herbal poultices to increase circulation in targeted muscle or connective tissues

Your session includes the use of the steam shower.​
*We can directly bill your insurance provider*
Cancellation policy applies

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Community of Care Campaign

The health of ourselves, our communities, and the health of the Planet are ultimately ONE and the same. 

At S.P.A. Aqua Prima, we partner with various groups and eco+conscious businesses to offer you a very enriching experience: 

One (60-90 minutes) Massage Treatment



from one of our partners

To bring our work and healing to many other places around the world!

We are thrilled to be part of your Care Team.

150.00 CAD

*RMT Massage Insurance Receipt can be provided

Our Registered Massage Therapists (RMT's) share integrated land+water modalities & Massage Techniques

& healing traditions from around the world

Your session includes the use of the steam shower.​
*We can directly bill your insurance provider*
Continuing Patients
Aquatic Bodywork 
We welcome Patients to continue their aquatic rehabilitation and progress towards full recovery.

We offer follow up treatment / supervised / unsupervised pool time to Patients under our Care.
60 min session
$80 - $100
Let's start our journey here.
First Appointment
Care Mapping

Let's get to know and carefully map your Treatment Plan.
Orthopaedic Assessment & Possible Referral

+ 1 Introductory Land & Water Treatment Immersion
90 min session
One -0n- 0ne
Physical Therapy

A comprehensive Physiotherapy appointment that includes orthopedic assessments and tests, treatment planning, land and water-based techniques.
Best for injury prevention and injury recovery.
90 min session


Continuing Care + Community Membership

A variety of Continuing Care Plans are available to Members after the Care Mapping Session
Community of Care Membership includes:
use of the steam shower at your appointment
discounts on private events and classes
private pool booking options
3 Treatment Immersions
three 100 minute personalized & private sessions
in 3 equal payments
6 Treatment Immersions
six 90 minute personalized & private sessions
in 6 equal payments
12 Treatment Immersions
twelve 90 minute personalized & private sessions
in 12 equal payments

S.P.A. Aq1  Treatments on Land

Massage Therapy
60 minute Land based Massage Therapy 
$ 100/session
Land & Water
A thorough patient-focused assessment, treatment planning and
clinical & relaxation massage therapy with a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)
90 min session
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