Sanitation is a cultural, biological, and economic frontier.


We believe in closing the loop on human waste and transforming these wastes into assets for communities.

We believe in HYGIENE, "artful health".
We believe in DIGNITY in sanitation.

We believe that sanitation is an integral part of wellness.

We believe in WELLNESS for ALL.

The Shell

Designed to be mobile & site appropriate & creative "shelter" for human poop collection + wellness programs


Sanitizing and hand washing is crucial, that is why we want to create hygienic habits & culture.


Soil Creation

Simple solution & value creation, i.e. gardening with our rich compost.

Wellness Program

To create a truly restful place for local communities and their guests, we will include site specific wellness oriented programs that will enrich the operations and experience of ECO SANCT users.

Conversation Space

Closing the Loop on human waste, ECO SANCT garden products and events provide welcoming space for health and wellness conversations.

Collection & Deposit System

ECO SANCT dry compost toilets are designed for desirability, ease of use, and for "fun" for both users and operators.

Behold "The Powder"

We concoct a variety of dry compost additives for maximum waste treatment, pleasure, & odour control.

ECO Boutique

We incorporate retail in our space; for our products and for other local artisans in our "destination" restrooms. Sustainable local economies will make sustainable sanitation.

Care & Education

ECO SANCT spaces & brand can be a platform for other wellness advocates and educators.

Community & Opportunity

As a scalable eco+sanitation and wellness installation, we want to offer opportunities for other young entrepreneurs to be part of our community.


Owning, confronting and investing your sh!t has never been this pretty & sweet. 

Bank with us

grow your "assets" with us.

ECO SAN does not have to be yuck.


It could be like having your cake and eating it too.  Literally.

ECO Sanitation & Wellness for All


is needed.

Reach out prior to our fund raising campaign