Eco+Sanct: Closing the Loop on Sanitation

Everywhere in the world, "sanitation and poop" has never garnered any affection in dinners, in international development, nor in public health, and/ or economic planning. Sanitation has been neglected and ignored; and one of the biggest reasons perhaps is the biological and socio cultural disgust and bias against human wastes and wastes in general.

Water and Sanitation are one & the same issue

Eco-Sanitation philosophy proposes a way to embrace sanitation in a circular and/or, closed-loop system where human excreta is accepted as nutrient source, as a resource and/or asset in human societies. The S.P.A. Aqua Prima recognizes the value of eco+sanitation, and is committed to champion eco+sanitation in projects wherever possible.

Along with other initiatives that promote sustainability and health, the S.P.A. will endeavor to promote a zero-waste lifestyle and a peaceful and healthy planet.