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Fire + Water, Hawaii Island

Austronesia is an ethnolinguistic family of people across the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Water did not isolate these Voyagers together. Water remains a binding and connective element for us no matter how far away we are from "home". Because water is "home".

Big Island (Hawaii Island) is a place of upheaval and renewal. The active volcanoes creates and rebirths the island. And they are sources of energy (geothermal to say the least) that make the "world and life go round" on our planet, along with the solar irradiation of course.

The young basaltic rocks are so familiar, although it was my first time visiting Hawaii in this lifetime. The rocks are so young, there is very little soil formed yet on the surface of the land.

The S.P.A Aqua Prima has been planning retreats and projects on the Big Island around permaculture and soil building. We hope to meet you there soon and experience the wonders of water and fire!




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