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Clarity in Kyoto, Nippon

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Japan is Trina's first of many "second homes." Kyoto is a beautiful and romantic world rich in history, philosophy, arts, and impeccable gardens. Sigh.

"Watsu," the foundation of most aquatic bodywork around the world, is created by Harold Dull, and is derived from "water + shiatsu". "Watsu" integrates movement, acupressure traditions, gentle stretching, and muscle manual manipulation which are in the Japanese tradition of "shiatsu". And brings these elements of practice in warm, body-temperature (34-36C degrees ) waters.

S.P.A. Aqua Prima has been planning retreats to pay homage to the Japanese Onzen (thermal baths) and to the Japanese traditions of "shiatsu". We hope you can join us to Kyoto + Kobe and area soon.

Trina yori.


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