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Mermaid in Santa Barbara, California

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

A Water Release Therapy Confession: 

Once, I came to Santa Barbara in California to receive a session from  Diane Feingold,

Founder and Teacher of Water Release Therapy WRT.

The Birds of Paradise towered over the warm pool that I have entered.

I felt at home. The water embraced me and before I could even think I was transported and transformed.

It is beyond words what that universe in (on and under) the water has revealed to me.

I have seen it. I have found it.        

A portal to a place so familiar and yet so expansive... 

My body did NOT just "flow".

I was fluid!   

My whole being became so understanding and so brave with the water because

I was one with it.

I was at peace, ecstatic, sometimes playful.

I was so alive.

On one breath.

I have found it!       


I am a  Mermaid.


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