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"When I am fluid"

I love being in, on, and under water.
Naturally, I studied Geography and Environmental Engineering to help address issues of water pollution and sustainability.
But in 2008, an ovarian cyst made me realize that there is work to be done not just in the external environment, but also in the internal one...
But is there really an inside or outside?
I eventually found Yoga, Water Release Therapy, and Clinical Massage therapy
and rediscovered a relationship with water beyond the academic realm...
Water reflects my own desires to heal and be healed.  And it expands and enriches my clinical massage practice and vision of Communities of Care through S.P.A. Aqua Prima.
Trina Go Listanco, MSc. RMT

Rosalind Dunn, RMT

Rosalind's practice spans decades of care.  Her specialties and diverse training and certifications include: Shiatsu, Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral, Arvigo techniques, and recently, Watsu and Amnion aquatic bodyworks.

Rosalind continues to take workshops and training to enrich her practice and offerings especially to mothers and women.

She is very happy to share her work and quality of care to new and old patients/clients at S.P.A. Aqua Prima.

Ed Ajram, RMT

Ed is a Registered Massage Therapist who has been a health and wellness professional for over 15 years.  He is also a trained anesthesia technician, ICU technician, and a health care giver.


Ed’s training in Ayurvedic massage and healing chakras in India enriches his repertoire of massage therapies.  His practice and studies focus on therapeutic and rehabilitation massage, stress relief, Orthopaedic assessments, therapeutic exercises, and home care strategies.

Ed practices a wide range of massage techniques and is keen on helping patients recover sooner and safer.

Olivier Pere


Olivier is a sought after massage therapist who is known for his sports and rehabilitation therapeutic treatments that incorporate a variety of techniques, tools, and exercises.

Olivier's practice, whether in the spa or in gym setting, has been proven to be thorough and well-planned.  He pays close attention to patient's needs and delivers the care necessary for immediate and progressive relief and healing. 

He tutors other massage therapists and is active in the academic support team  for other clinical massage therapy students at MaKami College in Calgary.  He enjoys keeping a healthy lifestyle, and educating colleagues and clients on well being, massage, and fitness.

Tanya Salwach,RCRT

Tanya has been a practicing Alternative Therapist since 2000, and a WATSU Practitioner since 2009.

She is a registered professional in good standing with the Reflexology Association of Canada.

Her work has helped many people of all ages, disabilities, health conditions, and special needs.  She loves to share her uniquely blended treatments with anyone of any age.

She hopes to share at the SPA her unique treatments of Aquatic Reflexology and WATSU blended with "Shamanic Energy Medicine".

Karen Su, RMT

Karen Su is a Registered Massage Therapist and trained in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Program. 


Her practices integrate a number of relaxation techniques e.g. bamboo tapotement, hot stones, body scrubs etc that translate into thorough care for patients’ well-being.

Karen is interested in learning and integrating various modalities of treatment especially with traditional and natural body care regimens from all over the world, and takes great stock in her patients’ feeling of health.

She believes that we all have innate capacity to heal, and we can reinforce and support this important skill in each other. 

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