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Eco Resort Installation & Destination

Eco Lifestyle Platform and Retail Space

Wellness Sanctuary and Community

Massage Clinic + Therapy Pool

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Our Opportunity: A Scalable Eco SPA & Wellness Resort Living and Destination

High performance low carbon foot print spa design and infrastructure including accessible therapy pools + massage clinic + spa

Effective SPA, massage clinic and wellness Services and Training

Curated Selection of Products and Retail Items

Accessible Therapy Pools + Massage Clinics and SPA

Our Identity and Brand: Landscape and Waterscape of CARE in 3 Formats

Private "Mini spa" Format
Upgrading SPA + pools with Renewable Energy & other skills
Franchise Installations Format
Versatile Off Grid installations
International Development Platform for Water & Sanitation & Health & Wellness
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Eco Wellness Resort Development
Development of Communities and Villages for Eco-luxury, or Retirement, Intergenerational living, Assisted Living etc. 
1) Clinical Population
2) Relaxation SPA & Wellness consumers
3) Geriatric Patients
4) Caregivers and Health Professionals
5) Retirees and Empty Nesters
6) Continuing Education for Manual Therapist
Daily 8AM - 6PM 
Weekends or After Work Hours
Daily Mid-day
Weekends of After Shift/ Work Hours
Long Term Residents and/or Tenants
Certification Courses 1-2 per Year
CLIENT Projections
5-20 Patients per day per facility
10-15 Clients per day
2-3 Groups per day
2-3 Sessions per day
4-15 Residential Units
Certify 2-5 RMT's per year

Milestones Completed:  

Phase 1 Demo Facility + Training Course Outline Developed + Facility Management Protocol Reviewed + Connected with Green Village Bali + SPA special Aleppo Soap + Retail inventory identified 


Trina Go Listanco, MSc. RMT

Environmental Engineering + Design + Clinical Massage + Aquatic therapies

Endre Balogh, MSc.

Civil and Structural Engineering + Solar PV Micro Generator

Massage Therapists: Rosalind Dunn, Emad Ajram, Olivier Pere

Consultants & Resources: 

Solar  PV and Solar Thermal: Dustin Poole, Eclipse Sustainability Projects, Darren Anderson, Solar Wholesaler (Calgary)

Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Upcycling: Getachew Assefa & Apoorv Singh (Calgary)

Watsu & Water Release Therapy Instructor: Diane Feingold (Santa Barbara, California)


Collaboration in Progress:

Green Village, Bali, Indonesia + ARGO Sailing Cruises, Philippines + Aleppo Savon & Saraphy Bath Products + Legacy Therapeutics + Ohana Care Adult Day Home + Bow View Manors Dementia Care Program + Certified Registered Massage Therapists Association + Jewelmer Golden South Sea Pearls & Save Palawan Seas Foundation

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