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Aqua Prima

T H E R A P Y    P O O L

     C L I N I C   

    A T E L I E R 

By     Trina Go Listanco, MSc + RMT

with  Maddy Collins MSc PT

Calgary: +1 403 992 8495
"A mobility in the vertebrae can be achieved which is seldom attainable in land."
A Thesis by Lieb, R. Sports Physiotherapist, "Aquatic Writings"
"Because an individual immersed in water is subjected to external water pressure in a gradient, which within a relatively small depth exceeds venous pressure,
blood is displaced upward through the venous and lymphatic systems, ... into the thighs, into abdominal cavity vessels, and finally into the great vessels of the chest cavity and into the heart."

(Becker, 2009)

"The aquatic environment has broad rehabilitative potential, extending from the treatment of acute injuries through health maintenance in the face of chronic diseases, yet it remains an underused modality."  

Becker (2009), Aquatic Therapies: Scientific Foundations and Clinical Rehabilitation Applications, PM R. 2009 Sep;1(9):859-72. doi: 10.1016/j.pmrj.2009.05.017.

Intervetebral discs at aquatic immersion benefits:


1) anterior & posterior ligaments broadened with stretching


2) anti-gravity muscles relax


3) blood supply is optimized.


"The engorged intervertebral discs are responsible, although not exclusively, for approx 2.0 cm lengthening of the spinal column after 1 hour of aquatic treatment."


(Mitari, Mano & Yamazaki, 1982 in Lieb, R.)

"Heat effects psychic complaints and
stimulates the immune response supported by movement and massage, with chronic inflammation it works anti-inflammatorally and analgesically." 
A Thesis by Lieb, R. Sports Physiotherapist, "Aquatic Writings"

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Community of Care Campaign

The health of ourselves, our communities, and the health of the Planet are ultimately ONE and the same. 

At S.P.A. Aqua Prima, we partner with various groups and eco+conscious World Fair Trade businesses to offer you a very enriching experience: 

One (60-90 minutes) Massage Treatment
from one of our partners

To bring our work & landscape restoration to many other places around the world!

We are thrilled to be part of your Care Team.

150.00 CAD
*RMT Massage Insurance Receipt can be provided / Till supplies last

The embodiment of care and flow

We value...

I N T E G R I T Y.

We commit to best possible care and therapies.

We commit to thoroughness and to honoring our Patients' and Guests' time, privacy, and health journeys.

We deliver what we can guarantee.


We understand the various facets and aspects of health and wellness.
We advocate for evidence-based "holistic" approaches to care and health care.

We aspire to contribute to Patients and Guests quality of life through various researched therapies, workshops, and events.

C A R E.

We believe every person is worth caring for. 
We believe that our pursuit of health and care are "means" and not "ends".


C O M M U N I T Y  OF  C A R E

Our Vision and Philosophy also involves caring for both our individual self and others.

Our journeys to health and wellness is not possible without communities and ecologies of Care.

With water + bliss + you,

we can co-create the sustainable, healthy, and whole land+scapes and water+scapes of wellness around the world.


The words
"heal" & "health"
come from the word "haelan",
which means
(Sanitas Per Aquam or healing through waters)
Aqua Prima
the wonder and healing gift of water,
the health benefits of aquatic bodywork and massage therapies,
the vision of Communities of  Care,
the physics and embodiment of "flow",
the creative essence of
Oneness and Wellness
(Prima = 1, Prem is Sanskrit for Love).
I hope to meet you in the waters soon...

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Yoga inspired


Aquatic Bodywork

At the very least, aquatic bodywork such as Watsu and WRT Water Release Therapy:

Free the body of the bonds of gravity as the body-temperature

water supports and enamors us...

The sympathetic, "fight or flight" nervous system is overridden by the parasympathetic nervous system. There is no harm. There is no threat...

The breath deepens...

The digestive system fires up...

The body is allowed to restore "for long term survival"...

The spine is stimulated gently, and then the rest of the joints in the body...

The muscles release tension and thus, are ready and most safely

able to receive massages that increase circulation and encourages tissue repair and healing...

Flexibility exercises are introduced as the body and the mind fully relaxes...

A sense of flow is felt, where the beginnings and ends of movement are blurred...

Fluidity is embodied.

And our journey has just begun...

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